In August of 2007, I had the opportunity to go to Austria, Hungry and the Czech Republic with the group, Association of Texas Photography Instructors. It was fantastic! Here are eight slideshows my travels. Enjoy!

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This is the convent where I stayed during my stay. It was...shall I say, cozy. But it was a great bonding spot. Aspang is a small village where I enjoyed a festival complete with fireworks.
Hallstatt is exactly what I pictured Europe to look like. This was a quaint little village on a lake. We were in luck when we visited Hungary, there was a festival going on as well as lots of weddings.
The Schönbrunn Palace is in Vienna but is so huge that it seems like a different city and has it's own zoo. The Schloss Lockenhaus castle still showcases a torture room as well as a full size chapel.
I now know why everyone wants to visit Prague, it's amazing. Vienna is a very regal city that mixes the historic with modern very well.