Here are my short films I took on my small Canon 750 so there is a lot of shaky movements but you get the jist of what I was trying to capture. The "Logue" video is especially fun and the "Salt Mine" is my scarest moment. You will need QuickTime to view the shorts. You can download a free copy here. Warning, they take some time to download and show, even on the fastest computer!

Click on photo for video.

Going down the luge in ST. CORONA was the best thing I did in Europe. I think the video shows that well. I hiked all the way up a salt mine in HALLSTATT to come down a six-story slide. I decided to waste some money on a vending machine in VIENNA to get a surprise.
The PRAGUE there was a small crank that told a story when you turned the handle. Here is my walk through PRAGUE and hustle and bustle in the city. This spot is the beginning for VIENNA's busy downtown area.
We stopped during our driving and this was the first time I saw the ALPS. VIENNA's subway is very clean and efficient a big difference from NYC's system. One of the vans that was in our cavan got stuck in the garage. I had to record this so we could laugh afterwards.
This is the beautifull village at HALLSTATT that I will always picture what Europe should be.
Here is a breathtaking view in HALLSTATT that makes you want to stay until it gets too cold. The was a peaceful fountain in VIENNA just left of busy downtown.