In August of 2007, I had the opportunity to go to Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic with the group, Association of Texas Photography Instructors for the 2007 European Exposure. It was fantastic!

Here are some general observations...

First always have change in that country's currency. You will have to pay for bathrooms, (it helps if you have your own toilet paper). Also, all of the bathrooms in the Czech Republic that I visited were operated by very small little women that had a large stick and weren't afraid to use it.

Second, the Austrians LOVE their wieners. We had them morning, noon and night. But they were not processed and tasted really good.

Third, the Czechs learned quickly how to make money...they charge you for taking their photo. The more interesting they looked, the more money they charged.

And last, I found out I am a screamer, I went down a luge on a mountain in St. Corona and down a six-story miners' slide in Hallstatt (both on video) and all you hear is my scream...but it was sooooo much fun.

Here are some photos and video from my travels.


I have eight different photo slide shows from the different places I visited. Once you are in the slideshow, it is set on a specific pace but you can speed through the photos by clicking the forward arrow.
I took small video episodes with a small point and shoot Canon Powershot camera. I'm pretty impressed with the results. It shows those moments, I just couldn't capture with still photos.