These stories were produced for Radio 116 at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Broadcast February 11, 2005
Playwright Arthur Miller dead at 89
     Arthur Miller, the Pulitzer-prize winning playwright, died at his home in Connecticut last night. He was best known for his play, "Death of a Salesman." Rebecca Castillo spoke with Jennifer de Poyen, of the San Diego Union-Tribune, about Miller's life and influence.

Interview with Ed Sullivan

     One in three American high school students thinks the First Amendment allows too many freedoms. Rebecca Castillo asked Ed Sullivan, director of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, about the origins of this thinking.

Broadcast February 18, 2005
Hometown Broadway
     New Yorkers are staying away from the theater and Broadway seats are being filled by tourists. Rebecca Castillo has the story.

Broadcast March 4, 2005
Street Artist Colors the Neighborhood with Life's Lessons
     James de la Vega paints words of wisdom and inspiration on the surfaces of our city. Rebecca Castillo reports from East Harlem.

Broadcast March 11, 2005
Performing in a Crowd for Fun
     Karaoke is passe. Movieoke is the latest fad in New York City. And yes, it works just like karaoke. People perform to a scene that runs silently on a screen behind them Rebecca Castillo visited the only lounge in New York City to offer movieoke.

Broadcast March 25th, 2005
Voices of 116: Schiavo
     Rebecca Castillo talks to New Yorkers who share their thoughts about Terri Schiavo, the government and the media.

Kyrgyzstan Reels from Ousting of it's Long-time President

     The country is in a state of chaos after the yesterday's ousting of it's lone-time president, Askar Akayev. Rebecca Castillo spoke with an expert from Columbia School of International and Public Affairs about the status of the Kyrgyzstan government.

Broadcast April 8, 2005
Obesity and Report Cards
     Commentator Rebecca Castillo explains why a tying a child's grades to their weight is a bad idea.

News from Radio 116
     The news from Radio 116's Rebecca Castillo.

Broadcast April 29, 2005
The Rising Cost of Energy
     Rebecca Castillo shows how the rising costs of fuel is is hurting small businesses.

Broadcast May 6, 2005
Hospital Poets
     Working in a hospital can be tough. Rebecca Castillo reports on how workers at New York Presbyterian Hospital are turning to poetry as a way to release stress.